Saturday, 5 September 2015

Colorful Gumdrops (Jujubes)

Jujubes would be the favorite chewy sweet of everyone. It brings back my sweet childhood memories! When I came across the recipe online, I was surprised that it could be made so easily at home. I immediately tried it and it came out perfect!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Happy News!

It is such an amazing feeling to have my cakes featured in a magazine!!! 
I was surprised when I got a call from the great Smt.Girija Raghavan and that she wanted to publish an article regarding my cakes in her magazine "Ladies special" which strives towards women empowerment! 
Thanks to all my dear ones who have always encouraged and motivated me to work towards my passion! I am now geared up to work harder :-)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Spicy baked paneer - The Perfect Paneer starter!

I am a part of Fondbites Bake Along group in FaceBook, where a group of baking enthusiasts try out a common recipe every week. This week's recipe was crispy baked chicken. Being the veggie that I am, I got upset on seeing the post. But when someone suggested the idea of replacing chicken wings with paneer cubes, I tried it immediately and it turned out to be perfect and absolutely yummy!
"It is like a 5 star restaurant starter" , said my dad!! What else do I need to say?! Gently crisp on the outside, soft in the inside, with an amazing blend of spices.. Yummy yummy!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Choco-Nut spread (Homemade Nutella)

With the high amount of adulteration that is being present in packaged foods these days, I always try to hunt for homemade alternatives. It also works out cheaper and we can have them guilt-free!

I have been hunting for a perfect alternative to a chocolate spread for bread and was so glad to come across the same in :-) Here blog has been my savior whenever I hunt for eggless recipes!

Hazelnuts are not easily available in India and even if we get them, they are pretty expensive. If you don't mind the high price tag, then go ahead and substitute the peanuts in the below recipe with hazelnuts, to exactly replicate Nutella! But trust me, peanuts added a unique flavor to the spread and the combination with chocolate was amazing. 

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