Friday, 3 April 2015

The story of my BMW - Where technology meets taste!

How many of you have a BMW in your wishlist? Here is the story of my BMW!
I didn't book or order a new car but instead created one! (Sounds interesting?! ;-) )

I got a call from an old team mate of mine. Her husband wanted to surprise his BMW fanatic friend on his birthday, with a special cake. All that he wanted was a chocolate cake base, with a small white BMW X6 car model, shaped out of fondant (sugar paste). (Sounds simple?!)

I have tried creating a similar cake earlier but with an edible bike topper. So I wanted to challenge myself a little further this time and then planned to make a small cake and carve it in such a way that it resembled BMW X6 model. The B.Tech ECE student, who has been sleeping within me, woke up and wanted to have LEDs in the cake, which would take it to the next level!
Connecting two LEDs with a switch, battery and making them glow is no big deal. But the challenge was to insert that as the headlights of the car cake and at the same time, not affect the edible part.

This challenge seemed impossible at the beginning but with constant motivation from my parents and friends, I realized that nothing is impossible!

All the effort put in, was so worth it, when I saw this final product and got wonderful feedback from those who saw and tasted it. I heard that the birthday boy refused to cut the cake at office and wanted to have his dream BMW with him! Vrrroooom!!!!!! 

Very happy and delighted to share the photos of my tasty vanilla BMW-X6 cake, that rides on a chocolate road cake!

Anyone wants to "Taste" drive?

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