Saturday, 10 January 2015

Different Themed Cakes from My Cheerful Kitchen

It has been just two months since I started taking up orders for creative cakes and the response has been awesome so far! Those of whom are following my page on Facebook would be aware of the new cakes that I have come up with! I thought I'd include those in my blog too. Here you go.......

An edible handbag! 
Eggless strawberry cake, frosted with dark chocolate ganache and carved into a handbag :) A perfect birthday cake for all the bag crazy girls out there!

Two similarly themed, 1st year birthday cakes with cute baby shoe toppers, designed to match the little princesses' birthday dresses :)

Eggless strawberry cake, frosted with buttercream and decorated with ombre rossette designs

Chocolate cake, frosted with dark chocolate ganache and decorated with ombre ruffles design

Slugterra cake for a naughty little boy!
Natural red velvet cake, frosted with dark chocolate ganache and topped with edible Slugterra characters!

Smoking is injurious to health, but a pineapple cake, imitated as a cigar pack, causes no harm!!

Wishing you all a wonderful New year :)
Yummy butterscotch cake for the New year!

A colorful start to the New Year!
Chocolate cake, with dark chocolate ganache frosting, surrounded by KitKat bars and topped with colorful gems!!

This order came from a loving daughter-in-law to her dear mother-in-law! She was very specific about the green theme and pistachios!
I enjoyed creating the cute birthday queen, her cushion, magic wand and high-heels! The base cake is eggless vanilla sponge cake with buttercream frosting and pistachios

Looking forward to an exciting year with lots more interesting cakes and recipes to try out :)

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