Monday, 15 December 2014

My Cheerful Kitchen turns 1 :)

It is hard to believe that my baby blog has turned a year old today :) I never imagined that an experiment in the kitchen on a boring Sunday afternoon, would lead me into this beautiful blogging world. 
It has been a terrific year. If at all I could post 125 recipes, while still continuing my job as a software professional, I owe it all to my family and friends who have been my pillar of support.
Not all my experiments have been successful, I've faced a lot of failures - cakes not baking well, too much salt or no salt, food getting burnt, oil spilling and the list would go on. But every single mistake of mine just increased my passion for cooking and baking.
I came across various food and cake designing blogs in this journey, which made me realize nothing is impossible as long as our passion is alive and active!
Working on weekdays and managing the blog on weekends has not been easy. But I enjoyed it :) My parents and many relatives have been directly or indirectly marketing my blog and facebook page! I am truely blessed to get this unconditional love. My friends and colleagues too have been great critics and encouraged me a lot.
For the past two months, I have taken up baking and cake decorating quite seriously, due to which there has been a drop in the number of recipes that I post. Will surely post more, as and when I find time. I thank you all for constant encouragement and I need your blessings and wishes to take it further :)

On this special day, I am happy to share the pic of a colorful strawberry flavored butterfly!! More recipes coming soon on My Cheerful Kitchen - Spreading the cheer, far and beyond my kitchen!


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