Sunday, 30 March 2014

Gujarati Thali

This healthy and tasty Gujarati meal has been completely inspired from Tarla Dalal ji's recipes. A year back or so, all that I knew was, any Indian cuisine apart from the four southern states, will be termed as "North" Indian cuisine!! I really feel silly about myself to have been thinking that way but now I am happy that I am exploring and getting to know more about various Indian cuisines. So this weekend I planned for a Gujarati dinner. On going through various Gujarati dishes, I came to know how unique it is and the best part is that it consists of a lot of healthy ingredients. Millets are incorporated in the dishes in innovative ways to make them very tasty! I am very happy to share with you all this special Gujarati dinner that I prepared.

Eating Healthy can be absolutely tasty too! See you all soon with different and interesting recipes!

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